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Windows Phone 7 Overload

I don’t see 2 brand-new Windows Phone 7 smartphones sitting on my bookshelf very often. You wonder what the heck I’m doing with such mobile gadgetry?

In a fortunate moment, I won the HTC 7 Mozart during a Microsoft-Telekom Workshop on my campus last week! The other, a Samsung Omnia 7, I bought just yesterday as a special offer in a Telekom shop. Awkward, isn’t it? I know.

Thing is, I would’ve loved to have kept the HTC Mozart right away. Sadly though, it doesn’t include a very essential feature for me: Tethering. I’ve been using my prepaid sim card with a quite decent data plan to tether my notebook at home, so to leave out on an expensive DSL connection and 2-year contract. Luckily, Telekom now relaunched its Samsung Omnia 7 offer for just 200€, and fortunately, besides the gorgeous 4″ SuperAmoled Display, it also got a hidden USB tethering function. So off I went, and got me another smartphone!

Despite my growing crazy obsession regarding everything webby and smartphoney, I’ll be parting with Mozart on ebay, sigh. Will have to refinance my new love, the Omnia 7! Thanks to the MSDN event on my campus, though, this opens up totally new possibilities for me. I’ve been ever since eager to join the WP7 bandwagon but hadn’t had a good opportunity due to financial reasons.

Microsoft's pimp developer ride, air-conditioned, during MSDN-On-Tour at Dortmund University

Nokia’s WP7 device, called SeaRay, looked extremely appealing. My previous plan would have intended to purchase that phone to join WP7 (which would probably be uber-expensive as well though). After all, though, I will be enjoying Windows Phone 7 right away! After some apparent disappointment in device sales, Microsoft seems to pursue a rather aggressive market intrusion with extremely competitive pricing. Win-Win for consumers.

Metro-UI, luv it!

I personally think that Microsoft is pushing its limits with Windows Phone 7. It’s an extremely beautiful OS, and I’m enamoured by the sheerly amazingly innovative Metro-UI. As controversial as it is, the unique use of typography and simplistic rectangular forms is a torrent of fresh air in mobile user interface!

I’m looking forward to the Mango update and am eager to try out the Microsoft ecosystem with Skydrive, Bing, Office and the growing Facebook integration. Not to mention my intentions to get active in the WP7 developer scene!

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