Adding proper sliding effects to jQuery slideshow plugin ‘NivoSlider’

The Nivo Slider jQuery plugin by Dev7studios is a free slideshow gallery. It provides lots of fancy transition animations such as fade-in, fade-out or cutting the image into moving slices. For my site, I just want a simple sliding animation, that moves the image from the left or right edge of the slideshow box into […]


Mail Delivery from Microsoft – The Windows 8 Student Developer Club Welcome Package!

I’ve been getting a lot of mail from Microsoft lately and I can’t say I’m not excited every time. Look what arrived this morning! I’m now a very official member of the Microsoft Student Developer Club. They sent me a nice letter, a huge sketch book with Windows tablet stencils, a stylish membership card with […]

Apps & Widgets Bada

NoteCraft Language Bug to be solved soon [Update #2]

I received several inquiries about a bug in the most recent NoteCraft version 2.42 2.41, where the application language no longer localizes to the system language. This means, NoteCraft stays in English, no matter what. I found the issue and fixed it. Right as I speak, I’m sending an update to SamsungApps. It will take […]

Apps & Widgets

Translate NoteCraft into Your Language

With NoteCraft version 2.3, I revised the localization system and rearranged it. Now it is  a simple list which allows for easy copy&paste  for easier editing and superior overview! Do you miss your language in NoteCraft? Help me by translating NoteCraft! Get the localization file, translate it and send it to me. I will add […]


The Everyday Pain: Working with Samsung

Lately I have resumed the hard work on my projects like NoteCraft. I am implementing some fixes and additional features according to the feedback I received. But even today, after a total year of developing for bada, Samsung still manages to make my life as horrible as possible.

Windows Phone 7

ILoveWP Event in Taipei

On my way to the formidable outdoor swimming pool of the National Taiwan University, I noticed an interesting Windows Phone 7 Mango poster at a café. I passed by several times until I couldn’t bear my curiosity any longer, so I went ahead and talked to them.