MeteorClock 2.27 released, soon in SamsungApps as well

I just submitted the new MeteorClock version to SamsungApps certification and took this opportunity give it a few minor fixes along the way to version number 2.27. So hopefully many more will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of the recent updates.

version 2.27

  • fixed cut-off weather icon
  • integrated prevention of triggering the blog link in active Offline mode

Download MeteorClock 2.27 on the Project Page

7 replies on “MeteorClock 2.27 released, soon in SamsungApps as well”

hi, I am a new user of your weather widget for Bada and
first of all tell you congratulations for my favourite watch+weather app/widget
I have some idea for improve it (to go beyond perfection)
The most important is changing time when you have several places selected, not only interested on weather of your family/loved one/friends location but on actual time, so you can avoid intempestive phone callings risk…
I think its very interesting idea for everybody;
And now comes a very particular idea:
menu is not very friendly…since you have a lot of options it is not comfortable to begin and begin to see the next one (referring design) is it possible to have a little prev? or select it and not set till you press ‘Ok’;

Some notifications are not translated (not sure if it depends on you or source site). For example FOG in spanish means NIEBLA (there is not a translation of FOGGY) and SUN/SUNNY = SOL / SOLEADO.

I feel envy due to your travel to Technologyland!!!

Could you show hot zones with little images: settings, country selection (if more than one), today/tomorrow, day beggining and ending, summer time or not,…

You can forget all of those if you can not get a dinamic app like it is now (except for the non-local time)

Nothing else by the moment but wish you best for your creations

Hello David! Apologies for my late reply, I have awfully much to do here in Taiwan right now. Thanks for your opinion on MeteorClock!

In the first point, I think you refer to Timezones, which are calculated according to the currently selected location for weather info? I don’t think that would be that useful as just a very minority is dealing with different timezones. I also don’t want to overcomplicate the application with unrelated features.

About the selection of options I have to admit that I chose the easy way by sometimes just setting the option directly when pressing it. I don’t know if I have the time to change it, as right now, it also works. Previews will be too complicated.

Thanks for informing me about the non-translated parts. Unfortunately Yahoo only provides these in English, so I have to translate them all by myself. You help me a lot by reporting those untranslated phrases.

It’s not possible for me to add any more location info as right now I already implemented pretty much everything the Yahoo weather feed has to offer.

Hi Jörn,
nice widget. I like it.
I strongly support David’s suggestion of showing time according to the timezone of the various locations.
I have to deal with a lot of people from all around the world so this would be a very helpful feature. For me it is more important to know the current time of a location than knowing how the weather is.

Maybe you can implement this in a next release.

Hi Bernd,
I don’t have any plans to update MeteorClock. Though, I understand the occasional handiness of your wished time zone feature. MeteorClock seems to work pretty well, so I try to focus my little free time on new projects. Nevertheless, I really appreciate your input. Thanks!

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