NoteCraft 2.1 in the stores

A new version of NoteCraft hit the SamsungApps shelfs this week!

Once again, it took awfully long to get it certified as it’s being rejected for ridiculous reasons I’m unable to influence. After a stern message and no changes done, it was finally certified on Thursday.

» Download the new NoteCraft 2.1

Version 2.1 stars lots of improvements based on your suggestions! Thanks for your engagement and great ideas. Here is the full changelog:

version 2.1

  • fixed Russian plurals of Note
  • increased font-size for improved readability
  • duedate Today is now painted red for attention
  • Line-breaks can now be inserted by typing 2 full stops “..”, which are then replaced for a line-break
  • exchanged the Plus-sign in note edit view for a more beautiful checkmark

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Hi, Jörn! Thanks for 2.1! But…

1) What’s about today’s date into the top bar?

2) 2 dots for linebreak is good, but what if I want use punctuation symbol three dots “…”?

As for me. There are two kinds of notes.
The first one is header (complete main thought) with some comments (detailed thoughts for main).

For example,
“Header”: Not forget to turn off internet on mobile.
“+”: type *236*5#

The second one is single thought which splited into “start of thought” in header and the remainder of the thought under “+” button.

For example,
“Header”: Not forget to buy…
“+”: milk, sugar, apples.

So, the second note type require punctuation symbol three dots “…”
What do you think?

Been on holiday and hadn’t found time to reply, sorry. But here I am!

1) Update 2.1 got the most do-able suggestions implemented and I haven’t found a proper way to cram in the date into the header.

2) I admit the current “..” solution for line-break isn’t perfect. I weight the priority of quick typing of line breaks higher than the ability to write “…” (I don’t see that as much used). I will have to refine the regular expressions to better filter such edge cases — still a newbie concerning this.

I’m not really getting what you mean with that *236*5#.

Jörn, thanks.

*236*5# is the combination to type (on mobile phone) in mobile operator Service Guide to control internet mobile services.

[quote]and I haven’t found a proper way to cram in the date into the header[/quote]
Like in EvMemo Fit maybe?

As it currently stands: no. For bada 2.0 widgets to be developed and packaged, special development tools are required which are not compatible with the currently available ones. I contacted Samsung, they do not plan to release them before bada 2.0 is actually released.

I also have no clue how different bada 2.0 widgets will be from widgets for 1.0. I heard some applications work on bada 2.0 beta, others don’t. If this will change with the final version — I don’t know.

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