My Trip to Taiwan

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You haven’t heard much of me lately. That was because, 2 weeks ago, I relocated myself from Germany to Taiwan! I joined a student exchange program at my home university TU Dortmund for a one semester long study-abroad experience in Taipei — and right now I’m enjoying the time of my life!

NoteCraft 2.1 in the stores


A new version of NoteCraft hit the SamsungApps shelfs this week! Once again, it took awfully long to get it certified as it’s being rejected for ridiculous reasons I’m unable to influence. After a stern message and no changes done, it was finally certified on Thursday. » Download the new NoteCraft 2.1 Version 2.1 stars […]

MeteorClock 2.27 released, soon in SamsungApps as well


I just submitted the new MeteorClock version to SamsungApps certification and took this opportunity give it a few minor fixes along the way to version number 2.27. So hopefully many more will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of the recent updates. version 2.27 fixed cut-off weather icon integrated prevention of triggering the blog […]

MeteorClock 2.26 Quickfix

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Thanks for Dany, pointing out an issue with the Spanish date falsely displayed as Czech, I’m issuing a Quickfix with 2.26. The Spanish date is now displayed correctly. Other than that, it’s the same as version 2.25. As always, you can download 2.26 from the Project Page. If you wondered and couldn’t bother to download […]

MeteorClock 2.25 released


It’s been quite a while now. I’ve been extremely busy with the new semester and unfortunately didn’t have much time to work on my applications. Hereby I release version 2.25 of MeteorClock. It’s nothing ground-breaking, really. I mostly restructured the interface languages and fixed a few bugs: version 2.25 fixed Spanish date when it’s supposed […]