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MeteorClock 2.0 !

Finally! After the revision of the first version of MeteorClock turned out to be unexpectedly work-intensive and time-consuming, I can now rejoycefully proclaim the release of MeteorClock -“The Next Level”- 2.0! I have rewritten approximately 95% of the whole code. With the first version I was able to gain a complete view of the full extent of the project, and used that experience to craft a totally new basis and make the code even more straight-forward for its purpose. Man, that was some work, but it was well worth it!

So, what’s new?

  • persistent saving of user settings!
  • completely new, optimized light-weight code
  • redesigned large-scaled settings menu
  • save and display up to 5 locations
  • immense possibility of customization with new backgrounds
  • added info about wind, atmosphere,
    times of sunrise & sunset, date display
  • you can find more information on the
    widget in the article for version 1.0

New Features, more and better!

As the first and only version is really quite an old one, and also because I decided to skip a milestone release of 1.5, you will barely recognize MeteorClock. As listed above, major additions are customization options with beautiful high-resolution backgrounds and a totally new Options Menu for which I made use of the full-screen possibilities of widgets. Thanks to this, navigating and interacting with the scaled-up interface is much easier and allows much more room for future options – you might also find one or another visual effect!

Moving around much? Add more more places!

One of the major additions is the possibility to add more than one location. Simply search for them, add them, or delete them! To keep everything clear, the maximum amount are 5 locations at a time. So, add your favorite places now, and see their weather within a single touch!

Your Feedback helps!

With the help of your great feedback and suggestions I also changed, and hopefully improved, things like the position of AM/PM letters and the new date display, temperature objects were slightly rearranged as well. The “Haze” icon was exchanged for a more obvious day-time independent version, and there have been countless more big and small changes – just explore the new widget!


The controls are the same as in MeteorClock 1.0, apart from the difference, that there is an additional touch zone in the clock interface to switch to the next location, if you saved more than one.

Interactive touch zones are highlighted by coloured overlays

Future Updates

For 2.0 I finally designed a stable and concept-proof code foundation, which can be pertained in coming versions. Although I’m very pleased about the current functionality there are still plenty possibilities of addons and major improvements. One sure task on my to-do list is the implementation of non-english language support. I also need to sort out the case of unsupported non-latin characters, but couldn’t include this into this release yet. And with the customization through individual backgrounds I can create and add more background textures according to your suggestions and requests, to create an even more unique experience. I’m also really counting on your feedback on your experience, where you might still have difficulties, and where there could be potential for improvement to craft the widget and its controls even more intuitive.

Download, Upgrade, Start through!

As in the previous release, you can simply download the archive and unzip the .wgt widget file, put it anywhere on your Wave, start it through its native file explorer and install! Don’t be shocked by the size of 2.6mb, the code providing the magic is as lightweight as ever. It’s about the high-resolution backgrounds that quickly grow in size, but seldomly have to be redrawn (assuming you won’t change your background every minute, of course!).

Update Version 2.01 I made a very minor fix in the updated version 2.01. I forgot to delete the debugging option of the “3 Sec” update rate. Other than that, both 2.0 and 2.01 are completely equally functional.

» New 2.1 Version available!

License: MeteorClock is given to you completely free of charge. Please don’t distribute this widget or parts of it any further. Weather icons are published under MIT and GPL license. Enjoy!

(If you want to share it, link to this page, please!) One more thing: MeteorClock 2.0 doesn’t overwrite the old version because it uses a completely new preference saving system and otherwise would conflict the whole system, so you need to delete version 1.0 manually.

Like it? Support me!

Although I love what I’m doing and as much as I am truly happy about every single comment and suggestion here, it still is a money and especially time consuming work. I also like that my widget is to be completely free to everyone in the world – but it’s hard to solely live on that. So if you want to support me on my bada projects, my blog or simply say Thank You, you can support me with a small donation via PayPal. Perhaps worth a beer, or two?

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this is so great and elegant! thx.

and feel free to do other widgets! like: reasonable twitter-wgt., decent rss-reader, calender…just kidding! 8)

Added it to the list, thanks!
By the way, a proper calendar crossed my mind.. but only crossed.. ;)

Hai can u tell me how to chane the location on the widget, i am new to this things and couldn’t find out. Otherwise the widget is fantastic

I think its easier to distribute widgets on unofficial channels, also because of some limitations and lack of flexibility in updating. But I will release an Appstore version soon, as well.

Brilliant! Brilliant job man. Absolutely love it. The new settings menu is so awesome, kinda Metro UI-like :)

I look forward to seeing more of your work for the Bada OS.

Try making a good, light and simple one line RSS-feed widget. Something that can fit under ur clock preferably.

Beautiful! The simplicity and functionality! Prettiest widget on Samsung Wave! Please only amendment related to the Polish fonts. Many thanks in advance

Thank you all for your comments and support! :)
As I wrote, I will work on the language issues (and more) for the next version.

And I have to admit, that the Metro UI was a hefty inspiration to me ;)

You can also suggest your ideas for new background textures of course, and I will see if that’s do-able!

Tolles Widget, gefällt ir richtig gut!
Eine Frage dazu:

– wird es eine deutsche Version geben bzw. die Möglichkeit, Deutsch als Sprache einzustellen?

Das wäre perfekt!


Danke! Wie erwähnt, kommt in der nächsten Version nicht-englische Sprachunterstützung, darunter auch deutsch ;)

Hi, your widget is very nice! I can ask, can you this widget translate to slovak language??? pls…and do this widget under 2MB,

when you want help with translation contact me.

thank you.

I am working on a vocabulary catalogue right now, which then can be easily translated by individuals. I will certainly consider your offer, thank you. This might still take a while, though.

Also, why do you want it to be less than 2mb in size?

ok, it will so good. Because certified apps by samsung are smaller as 2MB and bigger apps cause a lot of users of Wave restart mobile phone.

I haven’t heard about issues with widgets bigger than 2mb other than occasional performance hits on heavy load, but I will investigate this, thanks for the hint.

And as I mentioned above already, I’m working on a lite version that meets the Appstore restrictions.

I get the following error-message when trying to update the widget: ‘Error! Couldn’t fetch Weather info’. Also I can’t search any location – loading indicator is spinning after the city is selected and that’s it. Re-installed the widget twice, rebooted the phone but the problem remains the same. My fw: XXJI2 with bada 1.0.2

It seems that the Widget doesn’t get any access to the internet.

Here are some questions that might help solve the problem: Did other internet services work? Did you try via Wlan or mobile data network? Did you turn data packet on?

Klasse, da freue ich mich schon auf die nächste Version :-)

Eine Sache gibts, die mir designtechnisch nicht so gut gefällt. Ich wohne in Dillingen im Saarland. Die anderen Wetterwidgets bieten mir dann Dillingen (Saarland) an und im Widget erscheint nur “Dillingen”. Bei yahoo Wetter ist es scheinbar so, dass der Ort “Dillingen/ Saar” heißt. Da das ziemlich lang ist, verschwindet die Hälfte davon unter dem Wettersymbol.

Das sieht etwas bescheiden aus. Allerdings weiß ich, dass das eine Sache ist, die von den Wetterdaten kommt und nicht direkt mit dem Widget zusammenhängt. Insofern hat AccuWeather wohl einen kleinen Vorteil bei meinem Wohnort :-)

Viele Grüße

Danke für die Info. Dieses Problem habe ich schon länger im Auge, werde es in der nächsten Version beheben!

For now there wont be a flip-animation for the clock. The weather service remains Yahoo! Weather as well.

Thank you very much for this amazing widget!!!
It’s the best I’ve ever seen for the wave!
Keep doing!

One of the best weather & time widget for bada OS…
Thank you so much….your work is much appreciated!!

great app.!
I have JI3 and sometimes the aplication autoupdate itself in manualy mode(I use always wifi,and when I unlock the phone it trying to connect,and then ‘Error! Couldn’t fetch Weather info’. any idea?
thanks and waiting for spanish too

Thank you, michel, and everyone for your replies.

I’ve also experienced the Error message on startup. I will try to fix this in the next version. If you are curious: This has to do with the update method being recursive, calling itself on a set amount of time, and only then knows what time is set to call itself. That’s why its forced to update at the very start.

For the time being its best to use the safe offline mode if you need to avoid data costs.

Also: Spanish will be high up my priority list for translation ;) Will still be some work though.


If you need help to Spanish translation, I’d help you.
I’d also help you in Catalan translation if you need.

Ein wirklich großartiges Widget, vielen Dank dafür!

Leider passt es nicht zusammen mit dem Push-Mail-Widget auf ein Desktop.
Gibt es irgendeine eine Möglichkeit MeteorClock etwas zu verkleinern? :(


Hi, I would ask the Polish language as you add new języki.Wielu Poles use your application and is really zadowolonych.Tanks!

Thank you very much for this wonderful widget! Good job!
But the icon does not change from “Moon” to “Sun” until noon, with manually or automatic update. Can somebody confirm this?
Thanks and waiting for spanish too!!

Could you pass me a screenshot of the clock if that happens again? Haven’t encountered this yet. Might be an internal error or faulty Yahoo data. A screenshot might solve important questions.

Hi Jörn, thank you very much for this wonderful widget!

We have a issue with the icons, does not change from “Moon” to “Sun” until noon, with manually or automatic update.

Check if you can because until 11:30am approximately doesn’t change the icon from “Moon” to “Sun”, updating manual or automatic.

Images MeteorClock2.01 and TimeWeather172:

Translated spanish thread:

Maybe you could change these icons by leveraging the information output sun and the sunset, coinciding with the icons change.

Perhaps a next revision?

Thnks and brgs!!!

Thanks for the great widget, but I have a problem: I live in Montenegro and my phone clock (in the upper right corner) displays the correct time, whereas your widget is exactly one hour late. It was all fine before but when I woke up this morning I noticed it changed for some reason. My location is set up correctly and I use Samsung Wave (S8500). Thanks.

I read in forums of such issues related to every clock widget. It appears that this is a bada system bug, but somehow not every user is affected.

Has the problem been resolved? My guess is, that it was a faulty change of the Daylight Saving Time from Summer to Winter time. Everything should be working as it should now.

Hi, pls add localization file for options menu.
Btw, very nice and very good widget, thanks.

first i’d like to say this is the most well made date,time & weather widget that i’ve seen so far. but i have a small issue- i am from mumbai & the icon for the weather doesn’t show up right in your widget.please follow these links for three screenshots.the first is from your widget, the 2nd & 3rd are from different widgets.please notice how yours say haze & the icon looks like smoke, but on the other two, its much more nicer.if you could make the icon look better like the other two, it would be just perfect. thank you.

Hi himadri sekhar mahanta,
the shown icon is correct according to Yahoo’s Weather info. The weather condition is “Haze”, that is similar to: Smoke, Smog, Fog, Mist, Dust – whatever you want to call it.

The weather condition of your other clock probably shows only a “Cloudy” state, in this case its arguable whether “Haze” or “Cloudy” is more appropriately describing the real condition, but this is up to the weather feed providers.

wind grades count from EAST?
would be nice to show E,W,N,S,etc..
how is going the next version?

I like that one could manually update all cities at the same time. Otherwise it is perfect. perhaps more icons have information for the entire week.

Awesome work man, You’re widget is quite cool…
By far this is one of the best widget for Samsung Wave..

Can you redesign this widget for Wave525 as well?

Thanks for the feedback kibi and Kabir Sharma.
I will have a look into a Wave 525 version, but this might turn out quite difficult as I don’t have such a device myself, nor does the Widget Emulator support that model.

Hallo, vielleicht geht es nur mir so aber ich verstehe nicht wie ich deine App aus der gepackten Datei installieren kann. Wenn ich die wgt Datei übertragen möchte verweigert Kies das. Wie funktionierts?

Hi Sepp,
du musst die .wgt Datei im Massenspeicher-Modus einfach im Windows Explorer in einen Ordner auf dem Wave kopieren. Dann führst du diese im Datei Explorer vom Wave aus. Kies braucht man dazu nicht. So sollte es dann klappen!

Hi Jörn,

vorab das ist ein super Widget, meiner Meinung nach das beste momentan erhältliche, Kategorie übergreifend.

Die Version 2.0.1 hängt sich bei mir leider öfters auf, ich konnte noch keinen Grund dafür finden…

Hi milk, schön, dass du’s gut findest :)

Wo bleibt es denn bei dir hängen? Wenn man im Vollbild Menü ist, darf man nicht die Auflegetaste des Handys drücken, da sonst zwar die Anzeige zum Homescreen wechselt, das Widget Menu aber unsichtbar weiterhin den Bildschirm überlagert und keine vernünftige Anzeige mehr zulässt. Oder liegt es woanders?

Hmm daran könnte es gelegen haben, melde mich aber wenn ich etwas anderes festellen sollte!

Planst du eigentlich eine Flip Animation der Uhr in eines deiner nächsten Updates?

Wäre super!

Nein, eine Flip Animation wird es nicht geben. Wäre natürlich recht schick, aber dafür hab ich leider keine Zeit.

Super Widget!

Eine kleine Ergänzung fände ich nett: Könntest Du in einer zukünftigen Version eine Anzeige einbauen, wann das letzte Mal die Wetterinformationen upgedatet worden sind? So wie beim Widget “Simple Weather”, wo man auf einen Blick erkennen kann, ob die Angaben noch aktuell sind.
Am besten direkt unterhalb der aktuellen Temperaturwerte … wobei dann das Widget möglicherweise ein paar Pixel höher würde.

Danke für deinen Input. Eine Anzeige des letzten Updates ist eine gute Idee. Ich werde schauen ob ich es umsetzen kann, eventuell mit der Möglichkeit die Anzeige in den Optionen an und auszuschalten.

– In der nächsten Version kommt aber erstmal das Sprachenupdate. Es ist eigentlich schon so gut wie fertig, es muss nur noch in die Vertriebskanäle gebracht werden.
– The next version will star the language update. It’s as good as finished and only needs to be pushed into distribution channels.

Stay tuned and pay attention to news in the following days!

Hi mal ne Frage könntest du das bisschen verkleinern damit das auf das S7230
aber trotzdem echt gutes Widget

Hi Clausi, ist auf meiner ToDo Liste. Ich prüfe schon an anderen Projekten, wie es sich am besten umsetzen lässt.

Hi Jörn,

habe dein Wetter-Widget entdeckt und bin begeistert. Leider hab ich auf meinem S5250 auch das Problem, dass es leider nicht passt. Eine Version für die “kleinen” Samsungs wäre super ;-)

Grüße John

Hi John, freud mich, dass dir das Widget gefällt. Ich arbeite derzeit an einer verkleinerten Version für die Waves 525, 723 und ähnliche. Dies kann aber leider noch etwas dauern, da ich erstens alles komplett umschreiben muss für diese Version, und zweitens ich kein solches Gerät hab und es zum testen immer einem Kollegen schicken muss, der dies für mich testet. Samsung bietet da leider keine Möglichkeit dies auf dem PC zu machen. Hoffe aber bald eine Version veröffentlichen zu können.

freut mich zu hören. ich hab die seite hier mal in die favoriten gepackt und schau hin und wieder vorbei. Gut Ding will aber auch bekanntlich Weile haben ;) Grüße John

Hmm wenn du keine Flip Animation einbaust könntest du dann die Kalenderblätter umstylen? Find es schade wenn es nach einer Flip Clock aussieht dies aber nicht tut…

Nur ein Vorschlag von mir…

hi there!

ive been using this widget on my s8500 for quite a while now and have discovered some bugs.. this happens when you set the clock to 12hour mode..

when the actual time touches the 12PM mark, the clock shows as 12:## AM.. but when the actual time touches the 12AM mark, the clock shows 00:##AM.. i thought it was just the widget not refreshing, so i uninstalled and reinstalled it.. but it still happens so im sure it’s a bug.. hope this gets fixed as this is a very useful widget.. in fact, it’s the only widget of it’s kind that stands out above the rest.. more power!

Thanks for the info kikoexe. Wouldn’t have noticed it as I use 24h display myself. Will look into this issue asap!

Great widget!thanks a lot!with applications and widgets like this one Bada is getting better and can compete against android and iOS.

Any news about a new version of MeteorClock?? You were saying something about releasing it a few weeks ago, what happened??

I’m sorry you have to wait that long. Have a lot to do lately, and let a bit loose on MeteorClock. Unfortunately I couldn’t yet figure out a way to create a low-resolution version without rewriting the complete stylesheet.
But I will finish the remaining works and publish it within the next week. Thanks for the butt kick ;)

No worries about a low resolution version, I’m waiting a more optimized version and multi-language support!!

Hi michael, have you followed the instructions right above the download button? You must unpack the zip file first. You’ll get a .wgt Widget file. You just put this one onto your phone, and the Wave should be fine reading it.
Hope this helps.

I’he been searching for this widget so baadd… And I’m so happy to see this website. But I have 1 problem, I can’t find any download button or any links to download.. Can u show me where is it, or can u give the url, please..

Thank u so much.. Our bada will make a great step of maturity by having a great person like u.. =)

Please do NOT delete the links for the old version downloads, i have a wave 525 and i’d really appreciate you dont limit everyone to a version that is unsupported by lower end phones :(

Hi gibigbig, sorry, your comment was somehow automatically filtered as spam and I havent seen it until now.
It’s nice to hear that you like this widget that much and comments like this remind and encourage me to work in directions necessary.
Please understand though, that I don’t tolerate my work distributed elsewhere and presented as someone else’s work.
Will do my best to get a version for the Wave 525 running in future.

edit: I might have misunderstood you, older versions of MeteorClock didn’t support the Wave 525 either.