Building an exceptional bada Community – The Right Way!

Project “bada Platform StackExchange” can officially be called a failure and be burried forever… Now welcome! The very new Question & Answer platform of, catapulted directly into fullly functional service.As the requirements for a running Q&A platform on StackExchange with our first attempt turned out to be difficult and too time-consuming for our niche community, decided to start its own free Q&A section right away, without a bothersome consolidation process.

Questions and Answers sprouting everywhere!

Ask.badadev is admittedly doing very well. Many questions have been posted already with some really smart answers. The Q&A platform also provides the community system known from the original StackExchange services, including Karma Points and Badges to show off one’s hard earned reputation, as well as gain community ranks and earn rights to moderate the board.

For more information you can check out the official badadev article or check out the board right away.

By the way: Samsung Innovators sponsors 50 paperback editions of the official bada developer book “Introduction to bada” for the most dedicated members. So, no time to lose!

2 replies on “Building an exceptional bada Community – The Right Way!”

Amen to that…. I think I will get the stackexchange site to pull the plug on it….

Meanwhile – thanks for the support in getting it up which was a mixed blessing in disguise as it drove badadev to come up with a new forum to match it…. :)

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