Building an exceptional bada Community


As bada is yet in its infancy and the bada developer base still small but steadily growing, there is a call to unify the intellectual potential of every smart person out there problem-solving the riddles of bada API’s. Thanks to t0mm13b, who is the mastermind behind all this, a bada platform has been proposed in […]

bada Developer Challenge Voting

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Today, the results of the first judgment phase of the bada Developer Challenge were published. From 300 applications who passed into the “Simulator Phase”  90 winners are announced who advance to the final “Device Phase”. Right now an online vote is running, where everyone can pick his favorite 6 nominees from the final 90 apps.

Developing bada: XML Parsing with Namespaces


Thanks to wit’s very helpful introduction into working with XML: Working with Working with XML in Bada (part 1) – Simple XPath Parsing I could quickly enter the quite more sophisticated data processing, but the tutorial reached its bounds when I encountered an XML file with namespaces, which alot xml feeds contain. Thanks to an […]