Petition: Free Access for bada Developers’ own Apps

With joint forces I and other developers from, the major bada developer community, brought a petition into being concerning the very limited possibilities for developers to create, specifically debug and test their applications in field conditions on bada handsets, the so called “target-debug”.

Petition Signature Overview

Developers are limited to a single application running on the test device which can drastically decrease the speed at which multiple parallel projects can be developed. Also, developers are not allowed to load their self-created applications onto the handset for personal use. In fact, they even need to pay for those when sold at Samsung’s Appstore. This petition supports more freedoms for developers to increase bada application development effectiveness as well as attractivity through reduced obstacles for new developers.

You can find further information and details about the petition and its goals on Even if you are not a developer, this may still concern you and every other normal smartphone user with a bada device, as a less restricted development environment subsequently increases application quantity and quality. The bada community will thank you!

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