The Everyday Pain: Working with Samsung


Lately I have resumed the hard work on my projects like NoteCraft. I am implementing some fixes and additional features according to the feedback I received. But even today, after a total year of developing for bada, Samsung still manages to make my life as horrible as possible.

RTL – Rubbish Test Lab

I have no test device or proper software simulator to run my widget application. Every time I address this issue to Samsung, they refer me to their RTL, the Remote Test Lab. A site to download java clients which connect to remote phones in some desolate shed. Great in concept, a nightmare in reality. The Samsung Developer website (as well as the Seller Office, SamsungApps and any other Samsung-related site) are horrificly slow but this is just topped by the RTL application.

20min: Loading, loading, loading... still not finished!

I can reserve devices from 30min to 2h, for a total of 1.5h each day. I still need to consider the 20min loading time for the actual application to finally launch! I gave up yesterday after waiting that long. Today though, I managed to see the actual simulator! Ironically, I’m still greeted with a “Network error”, or an occasional “User authentication error”. All my reserve time gone, I don’t want to try anymore anyway…

Seller Office, Place of Unresponsiveness and Nonsense

Here as well, after one year of experience with it, the Seller Office is still a place of horror. It takes me ages to update an application. The loading between clicks is horribly slow. How can this be in this day and age?

I also found a nice screenshot I took of the certification reports of NoteCraft back earlier this year. Notice how the dialogue says “Your application has passed certification” or even “Congratulations on your success!” — and yet, on the right-hand side it reads Rejected. Well yeah, what the heck? The two identical View buttons don’t help it either.

Now that I recall, I think the other View Button opened the rejected-version of the dialogue for the same application, which actually passed. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Just now, the application edit page wanted me to input a price for South Korea: “Please enter the price within range of [10,00 ~ 1].” — What kind of price ranges do they have in Korea??



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