Presenting VR bike simulator ExcitingErgoRides on Gamescom 2015

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This week is Gamescom week! The games convention in Cologne is going to be open for five days from coming Wednesday, 5th August, till Sunday, 9th August, and I’m excited to be there with my university’s project group ExcitingErgoRides!

We’ll present the result of our one-year project work, where we’ve been working on a physical virtual reality (VR) bike simulator for rehabilitation of cardiac patients. The idea is to provide a motivational and fun experience to incentivize patients to regain their mobility in a controlled environment, either in the comfort of their homes or supervised in clinics.

The VR is powered by an Oculus Rift headset, the physical bike movements are simulated by an industrial 3D movement platform. I’m in charge of the electronics, including the read-outs of bike sensor values like button pushes of the gear switches, amplitude of the handle bars, pedal rotation speed and pressure on the brakes. The Arduino platform with an Arduino Ethernet was extremely helpful in my efforts to communicate those data to the gaming pc. My other team members have been developing realistic bike physics and designed great looking training levels with quests to complete.

If you are in Cologne this week, check us out for a ride! We’ll wait in hall 10.2 booth E017!

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