bada SDK 1.1.0b1 released.. like a week ago!

As you might have noticed already, I was busy this week and wasn’t really able to keep up with the many events surrounding bada this week. One major of them was the release of the new bada SDK version 1.1.0b1. The greatest addition is the possibility of compiling one’s application with an auto-scaling function for the interface for the Wave S8500’s little brothers and sisters, the Wave 723, 525 and 533 with a lower resolution of only 400×240.

Some other addons are for instance HTTP streaming, compression and extraction, finally also the possibility to access external memory and a tool called Test Framework which is supposed to allow thorough testing of your apps.

Older projects from the 1.0.0 SDK can still be continued, the site only tells us to install the extra bada 1.0.0 language pack. The projects should be fully portable by then. For more information on this you can check the Application Migration Guide.

» Download the new SDK 1.1.0b1

» Release Notes

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