NoteCraft 2 still in certification, missing task import


After the rejection from the Samsung certification, the second try from 7. April is still in certification process. Counting 3 weekdays, I don’t expect the next results before next week – although a positive surprise is a welcomed change.

Reasons of Rejection: bleh

I was reported 2 major issues that founded the rejection and which I was only able to partially reproduce:

  1. The whole bada OS crashes when using the NoteCraft Task Import function on a device which is filled with automated debugging information. The thing is, it seems like 1.000 tasks are too much for the widget engine to process. Also, as soon as several hundred tasks are loaded, the memory is somehow corrupted and is therefore reset on the next startup.That is why I will take out the task import feature. I currently judge the usage of phone interfaces such as the BONDI task API too easily afflicted by errors. I will reassess other viable options in future releases.
  2. This issue is quite outrageous, disappointing, unfair and disgruntling. The tester sent me a screenshot with a huge white box over half of the screen – reportedly at every widget start on a Wave S8500. Until this very moment I’m still unable to reproduce this issue on multiple devices and firmwares. Needless to say, I’m really annoyed by this as I can’t fix something that obviously isn’t broken. It’s also a mystery to me, how NoteCraft Trial made it through certification because it contains the exact same mark-up.I only recently got a lead on this through a user who experiences the same issue (on the Trial version, of course – oh, the irony..). Yet, I still have nothing solid and no better idea than making the styles and mark-ups less complicated to avoid such bada hiccups.

I was disappointed by this certification result as I thoroughly tested NoteCraft to the best of my knowledge and ability of my tools. At the end I get confronted by inabilities and inconsistencies of bada.

What are the odds

I cannot guarantee but dearly hope the second certification attempt to run smoother this time. It depends on whether the testing device behaves more like the majority of bada phones – or simply doesn’t. I think I’ll write an article sometime to wrap up my experiences with developing for bada…

No NoteCraft for WQVGA

The NoteCraft WQVGA version for the smaller bada phones (Wave 525, 533, 723) failed as well. bada 1.1 can rotate its homescreen into landscape view, and by doing so breaks the interface of NoteCraft. I have no knowledge about this function and official documentation of it is nowhere to be found – if anyone has some tips, I’d welcome any help on this. Presumably, NoteCraft will never be available for WQVGA bada phones as I cannot test this function in any way. The simulator doesn’t have this function, nor my only bada phone, the S8500.

Got the full version with a bitter taste of disappointment?

To everyone who recently purchased NoteCraft 1 in high expectations after trying the NoteCraft 2 Trial, I want to excuse the current conditions. I planned full and trial version to be published simultaneously, kind of didn’t work out as intended. I have to ask for your patience. Eventually, NoteCraft 2 will be available!



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