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MeteorClock 2.23 now in the Stores

MeteorClock finally made it into SamsungApps! I’m glad to see that it is so well received on SamsungApps and want to thank everyone for the comments! You can check the source below for direct links to SamsungApps. Although, if you don’t bother the additional installation steps, I recommend to use the most recent 2.24 version. The blog version is updated more frequently.

I also received lots of requests, some about not being able to get into the menu, and some in Russian or Chinese. First of all, the clock has invisible control elements on the clock face, just try and tap them:


control zones are highlighted by the coloured rectangles - just tap them

You can find even more information on the project page.

Secondly, if you have any questions, please send them to me in English or German – unfortunately, I don’t understand anything else!

14 replies on “MeteorClock 2.23 now in the Stores”

Great widget – exactly what I was looking for! Time + weather for different locations + sunrise and sunset! I’ll put it on my “home screen”, love it!

a nice widget but ive noticed two bugs:

1. the date and day doesnt match to phone’s language settings.

2. the changing of time is late of approx. 3 secs from the phone’s time.

Hoping to fix that bugs.

1. I have put your url into a link for better display – hope you don’t mind. But the image you want to show is not available on photobucket and returns a 404. Can you tell me what language your bada phone is set to and which language Meteorclock is displaying?

2. Unfortunately, there will always be a delay in time change, I might have a look into minimizing it. Though, 3 seconds don’t seem to bad to me.

I installed MeteorClocck 2.23 on my Samsung Wave S8500,it’s great wiget .I have 1 problem about date and month , it was not english.

very nice!
it is the one I was searching for.
the only thing is that I cannot see the week day and month names in English. it is only in German. I appreciate your help in this regard.

This seems like a wider spread issue. I’m cleaning the file structure to make it less error prone. Thank you and everyone else for reporting this!

Half of the data (the name of the city, weather, wind…etc) are on english and another half, date, day and month are on romanian!!!! Please fix this to be all in english, thank You.

Congratulations for your widget. I really appreciated it. If all apps were like your works, bada would become better.
Greetings from Italy

Hi Joerns
Excellent Widget… very useful…

One Query : How to change Date and Day display language to English ?
My phone’s language is English…

Thanks in advance..

there seems to be a common issue with the date displayed in the wrong language. I will try to fix this in the next update. Thanks for the report!

nice job on the widget, it’s right on the ront page of my wave :o)
it has an HTC look witch I liked before.

however I wonder if you can make the language settings changing manual,
as my town is only available in French (not my favourit language I’m afraid) …


incorrect translation weather in Russian. When sunny, cloudy, shows etc. Long time varies on the widget.
Otherwise, very nice widget, thanks.