MeteorClock 2.26 Quickfix

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Thanks for Dany, pointing out an issue with the Spanish date falsely displayed as Czech, I’m issuing a Quickfix with 2.26. The Spanish date is now displayed correctly. Other than that, it’s the same as version 2.25. As always, you can download 2.26 from the Project Page. If you wondered and couldn’t bother to download […]

bada VoIP applications finally allowed


The disappointment was great at the release of bada with its total ban of VoIP apps like Skype or Fring. Although Samsung was blaming the operators, it’s still unclear why the unbranded bada firmwares weren’t equipped with VoIP services. Nevertheless, the long awaited email arrived today, proclaiming the acceptance of VoIP apps into the SamsungAppstore […]

A few Bada IDE Errors and Tips

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In my struggle of developing a smooth bada application and learning C++ at the same time, there have been countless frustrating moments, just today most likely the worst. I simply want to share with you some of those obscurities of bada API’s and its IDE, so if you are as unlucky as me at least […]