Customer support in SamsungApps comments made impossible

I’m getting a few questions, requests and criticism over the SamsungApps comment system on my available applications. But it’s very hard and takes up huge amounts of time to process these.

First of all, I don’t actually notice when a comment is written to my applications. Samsung doesn’t offer any unified comment tracker or notification system for developers. Instead, I need to view each application in SamsungApps as an ordinary customer myself. But this is by far not the worst part. It’s not a visit for each application but a visit for each application times each country it is available in: SamsungApps is split into dozens of localized country versions and each runs its own comment thread. I need to check for comments in 32 different SamsungApps sites just for NoteCraft (the full version).

Perm-Ban on every word

Just now, I wanted to write a response to a user in the comments. This is again only supposed to be possible through Kies. ‘Supposed’ in a way that it’s factually not possible at all. Kies insisted to have found “one or more banned words” in my support message – no hint on the baddies, I was left oblivious. The fact that I spend quite some time to squeeze as much helpful information into the 300 character restriction didn’t help the idea of having either a) to go through the text over and over to identify random character sequences that possibly triggered the filter or b) to rewrite everything.

Finally, after some trial-&-error comment submissions, I could narrow down the source of this issue: Kies. Either significant development of the English language went simply past me and every word now means something really ruthless and dirty – or Kies is just amazingly bugged. Not even greetings are allowed.

to user ‘mrmarcavis’

The consequence of all this is that I’m totally unable to respond to comments. I don’t get any information to contact users who commented. So, I’ll just write it here – just in case… If you happen to be mrmarcavis, please know the following:

I’m sorry to hear you are not content with NoteCraft but there was never such feature advertised. There is also the free Trial to try NoteCraft prior purchase.

The trial version is running version 2 already, whereas due to certification issues the full version is unfortunately still only at version 1.11 but will be updated to 2.0 very soon as well. So, right now there are several differences in functionality, please excuse this.

to everyone: don’t like? contact me!

If you have any questions, problems, criticisms or by whatever reason are deeply disappointed by my work, I’d be glad to talk this through with you before you write a comment on SamsungApps. Negative opinions easily occur through simple misunderstandings but still have great effect on the apps reputation and user choice.

If you drop a comment on my blog instead or send me a message via the contact form, I can respond to you much much quicker, far more detailed and I will try my best to resolve the problems. That way you can even give your feedback, to help shape the product to your very own expectations. At the end, you can still write your opinion on SamsungApps!

PS: You can also just send me a mail to: support{at}joernesdohr{dot}com

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