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Many Changes for Microsoft SkyDrive, Storage Space and Desktop Client, Update

Today, Microsoft pushed a big update to its cloud storage solution SkyDrive. They finally released a desktop client for Windows and Mac machines, allowing Dropbox-like features of having an integrated folder on your harddrive, which constantly keeps in sync with your online storage. With the client release, Microsoft also introduces several storage size offers.

All new SkyDrive users are now eligible for 7GB of free storage, down from the previous 25GB. But fear not!  If you already used near to 7GB or more, you automatically keep your 25GB. If not, though, you can still keep the old offer. You can update back to the previous offer of 25GB free storage. Simply log in to SkyDrive with any Windows Live account you registered prior this update and you should imidiately see an info banner to upgrade. For more questions concerning this change, you can read their handy FAQ.

You can download the SkyDrive desktop client from the Microsoft website.

Update: Google Drive joins the Cloud Race

Google Drive

Mere one day after Microsoft released its updates for SkyDrive, Google follows suit by introducing the long rumoured Google Drive service.  The deal is: 5GB for free with premium upgrades. This kind of lively competition offers consumers the best range of choices. I myself am sticking to my champion of choice for now, SkyDrive, with its great photo viewer and whopping 25GB free space for existing users.

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