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Enjoying a new beautiful photo wallpaper everyday with Bing Desktop

Everyone knows, Microsoft’s Bing search features amazing photography on its front page. Recently, Microsoft also decided to publish a PC software, that automatically loads the daily Bing photo and sets it as your personal desktop background. Although I previously got great photo wallpapers from sources such as Interfacelift, I couldn’t bother to frequently change it. Bing Desktop really frees you from the dullness of an ever-the-same background. I’m enjoying it so much, I’m sharing this with all of you!

Only downside of it, though, is that Bing Desktop also comes along with a Bing search box. It can’t be deactivated but is either displayed right in the center of your screen or hidden at the top edge, to reappear on hover. As I’m not using it at all, I’m hiding it at the top – although I have to say, it might be a tad annoying when trying to click the tab bar in browsers. But I’m getting used to it – and I love the daily surprise of an amazing high-res photograph.

You can download Bing Desktop from Bing.

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