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Great promotional live-action web series for Halo 4

Actually, I don’t own an Xbox nor have I ever played any game from the Halo series. But Microsoft’s latest promotional campaign in anticipation of its latest upcoming game Halo 4 is  exceptionally well done and extremely entertaining at that.

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Fixing Windows 8 Auto Correct in Internet Explorer 10 for multi-lingual input

When Windows 8 Pro was released to TechNet and MSDN subscribers, I could barely endure the wait for Dreamspark Premium access a week later. I’ve been rocking Windows 8 for about a week now, and it’s awesome, sleek and super fast. Still though, there are still things getting used to. One thing is the new […]

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NoteCraft 3: Refresh of Awesomeness

There is a totally new version of NoteCraft! NoteCraft 3 is another complete rewrite and offers a much sleeker and cleaner interface, fullscreen menus and more functionality. New features include: automatic sorting, theme colour picker, due date option to the minute and visual reminders (no beeps or vibrations unfortunately)! Now, it is also flawlessly compatible […]

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Site Redesign finally online

If you were very keen, you might have noticed the all new site design that has been up for the last 2 days. It’s an awesome redesign I’ve been working on for quite some time now, taking inspiration from Microsoft’s former-called Metro design language. The wordpress theme now supports fancy post thumbnails, slideshows and galleries and has […]

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Free Metro Style Reminder Icon

I’ve been working on NoteCatalogue and NoteCraft and happened to need the reminder icon of Windows Phone 7. The Metro iconset from didn’t include it. So I ended up remaking it myself and just want to share it with you as it may be quite handy to have. It’s not an exact copy of […]


Mail Delivery from Microsoft – The Windows 8 Student Developer Club Welcome Package!

I’ve been getting a lot of mail from Microsoft lately and I can’t say I’m not excited every time. Look what arrived this morning! I’m now a very official member of the Microsoft Student Developer Club. They sent me a nice letter, a huge sketch book with Windows tablet stencils, a stylish membership card with […]