MeteorClock Widget


I am glad to finally release the first version of MeteorClock, a clock widget in flip style for Samsung’s Wave S8500 smartphone. My aim was to create a visually pleasing, lightweight clock with integrated weather feed information – and this is the first version to be finally released.

bada Challenge: Odd Results for Simulator Phase?


Less than 2 days passed since the results of the first phase, the Simulator Testing, had been published. After the initial excitement and hope for some kick-ass applications, the presence of a good amount of disappointment is not deniable within the bada community regarding the quite.. unexpected winners.

bada Developer Challenge Voting

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Today, the results of the first judgment phase of the bada Developer Challenge were published. From 300 applications who passed into the “Simulator Phase”  90 winners are announced who advance to the final “Device Phase”. Right now an online vote is running, where everyone can pick his favorite 6 nominees from the final 90 apps.

Internet Explorer 9 Beta

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Just a few hours ago Microsoft released the Beta of Internet Explorer 9, and personally, I looked forward to this and am quite pleased with what I’ve seen so far. Microsoft finally got aware of the need to stop swimming against the tide with their own attempt of twisted standard implementations as can be remembered […]

Dropbox anywhere, goes mobile

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Just now I got an email from Dropbox, a free online solution for syncing files with your workspaces, that reads this: Hi Jörn, How have you been? The last few months have been pretty crazy at Dropbox, and we thought we’d fill you in on what’s been happening. Download the New Dropbox Mobile Apps With […]