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NoteCraft for Bada now available for free!

I’m glad to announce that from today, I’m offering NoteCraft completely free of charge to everyone. It’s been two successful years since it’s very first release in January 2011. I learned a lot, received great feedback and had a lot of fun creating NoteCraft.

As I’m moving away from Bada though, I stopped improving NoteCraft and there is only so much a note widget can do. Publishing it as a paid app on SamsungApps was a motivating (and sometimes also very frustrating, though) experience. It did not turn me rich, but still, it was great to see that people actually bought something you made completely on your own. Thank you, every single buyer, for your support!

Making it free

The sales for NoteCraft have been steadily declining, there is still a purchase every other day. I would need to accumulate a total of $150 to be cashed out by Samsung, but their accounting backend is horrible. I don’t even know how much credit my account already holds or how much I still need. Half of the single dollar for NoteCraft is obliterated by random fees, taxes or vanishes in Samsung’s pockets — so I doubt, I will reach the critical amount any time soon. Even more so, there are transactions where all I get are really just 2 cents, thanks to incredible fees on mobile payments.

So I thought: Why not just make NoteCraft available for everyone? I wont be benefitting from it with barely any buyer interest left. Now, I could just as well give it away for free and let it be helpful to as many people possible! So here it is. Just follow the button below to the NoteCraft project page, download and deploy the widget to your phone. Enjoy!

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or contact me directly.

Get NoteCraft for free

6 replies on “NoteCraft for Bada now available for free!”


Firt of all, i would like say my gladness about your great work and effort. I guess your app was my first paid stuff. As an old bada OS user, we are still trying to give a hand to whole bada users in Turkey. They will be pleased to user your app too.

I hope you do some other apps for what OS you use. I have android and hope to see you there as well..

I hope you get your mony from samsung :)

Hi Nike, glad you like NoteCraft!
I also enjoyed Bada a lot but I don’t think I’ll be working on another Bada application. Even Samsung is going to stop supporting Bada and instead starts another OS called Tizen… You can read more about that here:

The Nivo Slider plugin you linked to is just an image gallery for websites. Although it might be possible to put it on the Bada homescreen, it won’t be of any use as it just cycles through images with some nifty effects and that’s it. All it would do is draining your battery very quickly ;)

Best Regards,

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