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NoteCraft Certification goes into 3rd round

Yesterday, I submitted NoteCraft 2 once more to the SamsungApps certification. Apart from one bug fix, I made several minor changes to it.

major minor changes

The changes only take part on layout level. NoteCraft 2 now has another menu-change effect to counter issues with scroll panels. NoteCraft is now slightly wider, too. This was a rather unintentional decision in the urge to find a solution to the very rare occurrence of the dreaded ‘white box’. I figured more work space wouldn’t do much harm and left it as it was.

What I could not fix was the reported issue of the text area. The tester device moved it into a position where the written text could no longer be seen. Surprisingly – or not, – I couldn’t reproduce this problem, not on my S8500, on collegues’, not even on described S8530 devices through the RTL (Remote Test Lab) (yes, I found the RTL! thanks Dokugogagoji).

maybe next week

We’ll see the outcome of this probably early next week.

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