Asus Smartphone presented with Windows Phone 7

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A video from Gnomedex just surfaced giving an amazing presentation of  Microsoft’s own mobile OS Windows Phone 7 on one of Asus’ new smartphone models shipping exclusively with WP7 around Christmas. WP7 itself will be released on 11th of October already.

In this 12min lasting pre-launch demo we can get an impressive glimpse onto the secrets of  WP7: the very clean and minimalistic interface and its seamless integration with social media, its “People’s Hub”, and we also learn about possible developer tools and project templates to ease the creation of  applications.

But it’s not just about the software but also the hard one. This Asus device performs terrific with WP7, and what really amazes is the screen, not only that it’s quite big but might even be AMOLED as well. But as this is just a prototype yet and the final product is to be released around the end of this year, it is yet to be seen what the final configuration will be. So long, take a look by yourself:

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