MeteorClock – Changelog

version 2.27

  • fixed cut-off weather icon
  • integrated prevention of triggering the blog link in active Offline mode

version 2.26

  • fixed Czech date when it’s supposed to be Spanish (duh!)

version 2.25

  • fixed Spanish date when it’s supposed to be English
  • slightly changed menu interface with new buttons
  • added Back-buttons in selection lists to cancel input
  • Hungarian language support added (thanks Schell Ferenc!)

version 2.24

  • added Spanish and Czech language support (thanks Lechucks, Ben)
  • repaired Turkish language files, Turkish characters are displayed correctly now
  • Town Name is automatically down-sized if too long, to avoid overlapping
  • adding a town which was selected in the Found list no longer displays null at start

version 2.21

  • fixed the language file, which was corrupted on compression
    (Thanks for assistance Dmitriy!)

version 2.2

  • Wind Direction shown in degrees for higher accuracy
  • compressed backgrounds, widget is now only 1.5mb in size, saved 0.5mb! Reported were issues with out-of-memory errors – I’m optimizing where I can, although I think its more an issue with bada’s resource management itself
  • [Bug] got rid of a forgotten debug message
  • [Bug] fixed unit km/h – mph conversion of wind speed
  • [Bug] using the End Call hardware key properly exits the fullscreen menus now, instead of making the widget get totally stuck
  • optimized data storage to minimize discrepancies in adding and deleting locations
  • new languages: Italian, Russian, Ukranian, Romanian, Turkish

version 2.1

  • introducing extended language support
  • wind direction is shown in words
  • fixed wrong 12h time conversion
  • background selection decreased for higher resource-savings

version 2.0

  • persistent saving of user settings!
  • completely new, optimized light-weight code
  • redesigned large-scaled settings menu
  • save and display up to 5 locations
  • immense possibility of customization with new backgrounds
  • added info about wind, atmosphere, times of sunrise & sunset, date display
  • you can find more information on the widget in the article for version 1.0

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