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NoteCraft for bada phones with 240×400 (WQVGA) resolution, FINALLY!

Previously, you could only enjoy NoteCraft on the bada flagship phones Wave 1, 2 and 3 with their high-resolution displays in WVGA format. This means their resolution is 480×800. Shortly after the NoteCraft update to 2.41, another extra version was successfully certified, as well! NoteCraft for WQVGA devices (240×400 pixel screen resolution). With this version, NoteCraft can be used on many more bada devices, including: Wave 525, 533, 575, 578 and 723.

WQVGA (240×400) bada phones


Download NoteCraft for WQVGA

Thanks to fellow developer Marco Büttner, I managed to make a version of NoteCraft which would not miserably fail Samsung’s certification without me knowing what actually went wrong and why. So if you have one of the numerous Waves from above, don’t wait and get NoteCraft right now!

PS: The current version 2.41 for WQVGA is also suffering from the language bug that hinders the change to the localized system language. The fixed version 2.42 is on its way as we speak, but still might take a while considering the snail pace of the SamsungApps certification process.

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