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NoteCraft Bug: Reappearance of deleted Notes

A user reported me an issue with note deletion in NoteCraft. I want to inform you that I identified and fixed the issue, and submitted NoteCraft version 1.1 to the Appstore, which will hopefully be approved as soon as possible.

Bug Description

On every device startup, NoteCraft loads the saved notes from the system storage into temporary session storage. The issue is that deleting a note erases its entry from the temporary storage, but not from the system storage. Consequently, on a device reboot the deleted note will be reloaded.

Temporary Workaround

The issue of those ‘invincible notes’ can be bypassed by manually overwriting the correct temporary storage onto the system storage. There exist two ways to update the system storage:

  1. submitting an edited version of an existing note
  2. creating a new note

So, first you delete all the notes you want to be rid for good, and then choose one of the above two actions to perform to make your deletions permanent. Unfortunately, apart from the possibly annoying workaround, there must always remain at least one note, which the system storage update must be triggered with.

I apologies for this issue and any inconvenience caused by this. I will implement more thorough quality control for future releases. I also want to thank the user who called this in, as such feedback is very important to improve my products.

If you have any questions concerning this, encountered further issues or got suggestions and ideas, don’t hesitate to comment or contact me.

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