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ILoveWP Event in Taipei

by ILoveWP

On my way to the formidable outdoor swimming pool of the National Taiwan University, I noticed an interesting Windows Phone 7 Mango poster at a café. I passed by several times until I couldn’t bear my curiosity any longer, so I went ahead and talked to them.

ILoveWP: Windows Phone enthusiasts

Turns out it’s a Microsoft developer event to promote app development for the new Windows Phone 7 Mango version, which got available around the globe in the past days. ILoveWP is a group of WP7 enthusiasts, and this event is carried out in cooperation with Microsoft. Somehow similar to the MSDN-On-Tour event at my home university in Dortmund. They even had HTC Mozarts devices as give-aways for the event attendees, too.

Unfortunately, I didn’t exactly understand much of the Chinese presentation, but I enjoyed my free coke and the new experience. It’s great to see that there is such an active developer and student scene in Taiwan. I have yet to experience this in Germany.

I need to find out when the next event is held, so I can brush up my WP7 and Chinese knowledge in time and do not miss the start of the presentations!

Took some impressions with my Omnia 7 — sorry about the blurriness. After sports it’s hard to hold a cam steady, and phones aren’t exactly the best photo apparatus for dimly lid indoor scenes.

WP7 Mango App prototyping

Developer event with free drinks and pancakes -- what more could you wish for?

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