Adding proper sliding effects to jQuery slideshow plugin ‘NivoSlider’

The Nivo Slider jQuery plugin by Dev7studios is a free slideshow gallery. It provides lots of fancy transition animations such as fade-in, fade-out or cutting the image into moving slices. For my site, I just want a simple sliding animation, that moves the image from the left or right edge of the slideshow box into […]

Apps & Widgets

MeteorClock 2.2

Finally, the new MeteorClock update in iteration 2.2. Mostly done bug fixing and slight optimizations as well as added many more languages!


Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Just a few hours ago Microsoft released the Beta of Internet Explorer 9, and personally, I looked forward to this and am quite pleased with what I’ve seen so far. Microsoft finally got aware of the need to stop swimming against the tide with their own attempt of twisted standard implementations as can be remembered […]