Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

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On its Nokia World conference, 2 days ago on the 26th October, Nokia finally introduced its Windows Phone 7 lineup, including the gorgeous Lumia 800. I just want to post some videos about it as for me it is probably the best designed smartphone to date. Lets see if Nokia can get its impact on the […]

bada VoIP applications finally allowed


The disappointment was great at the release of bada with its total ban of VoIP apps like Skype or Fring. Although Samsung was blaming the operators, it’s still unclear why the unbranded bada firmwares weren’t equipped with VoIP services. Nevertheless, the long awaited email arrived today, proclaiming the acceptance of VoIP apps into the SamsungAppstore […]

Waiting for little

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A month ago Samsung announced multiple further bada powered Smartphones for the €100 to €200 market segment, namely the Wave 525, 533, 723. But apart from some scattered reviews and some hardware specs we haven’t seen much of them. Release dates as well as the countries where the phones will be available are still unknown. […]