bada SDK 1.1.0b1 released.. like a week ago!

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As you might have noticed already, I was busy this week and wasn’t really able to keep up with the many events surrounding bada this week. One major of them was the release of the new bada SDK version 1.1.0b1. The greatest addition is the possibility of compiling one’s application with an auto-scaling function for […]

State of Play: MeteorClock


I’m glad that the MeteorClock widget is so popular and am really happy about all the given feedback and suggestions for the next version. (Keep it coming!) This week I didn’t have any time or possibility to work much on it, though, as I enrolled at university and it’s quite a mess right now. Worst […]

Waiting for little

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A month ago Samsung announced multiple further bada powered Smartphones for the €100 to €200 market segment, namely the Wave 525, 533, 723. But apart from some scattered reviews and some hardware specs we haven’t seen much of them. Release dates as well as the countries where the phones will be available are still unknown. […]