Big chunky Samsung Mail Delivery!

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Today was the day I could  pick up my mail delivery and was pretty confused by the size of the package. Big, junky, one pound heavy, well cushioned, Samsung branded. That didn’t seem to be my additional Wave USB connection cable I ordered from Amazon. I opened the envelope and glanced inside. Lo’ and behold! Something […]

bada SDK 1.1.0b1 released.. like a week ago!

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As you might have noticed already, I was busy this week and wasn’t really able to keep up with the many events surrounding bada this week. One major of them was the release of the new bada SDK version 1.1.0b1. The greatest addition is the possibility of compiling one’s application with an auto-scaling function for […]

A few Bada IDE Errors and Tips

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In my struggle of developing a smooth bada application and learning C++ at the same time, there have been countless frustrating moments, just today most likely the worst. I simply want to share with you some of those obscurities of bada API’s and its IDE, so if you are as unlucky as me at least […]

Building an exceptional bada Community


As bada is yet in its infancy and the bada developer base still small but steadily growing, there is a call to unify the intellectual potential of every smart person out there problem-solving the riddles of bada API’s. Thanks to t0mm13b, who is the mastermind behind all this, a bada platform has been proposed in […]

Developing bada: XML Parsing with Namespaces


Thanks to wit’s very helpful introduction into working with XML: Working with Working with XML in Bada (part 1) – Simple XPath Parsing I could quickly enter the quite more sophisticated data processing, but the tutorial reached its bounds when I encountered an XML file with namespaces, which alot xml feeds contain. Thanks to an […]