Petition: VoIP for bada!


As has proven the success of the first bada petition, demanding the possibility for free ad-sponsored applications instead of paid versions, bada developers now take bada’s future into their own hands. The request is simple: To finally allow VoIP applications on bada and lift the arbitrary restriction that only benefits the carriers and leaves behind […]

Developing bada: XML Parsing with Namespaces


Thanks to wit’s very helpful introduction into working with XML: Working with Working with XML in Bada (part 1) – Simple XPath Parsing I could quickly enter the quite more sophisticated data processing, but the tutorial reached its bounds when I encountered an XML file with namespaces, which alot xml feeds contain. Thanks to an […]

Swype the bada

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Recently it got unpleasantly silent around the Samsung Wave and the development of bada OS. The greater is the awesomeness over the statement of Brian Resnik, admin on the Swype Community Board giving hopes to Swype on the bada OS: Due to the overwhelming demand, we are looking into the possibility of porting Swype to […]