Weather Forecast & Clock with a fabulous look

MeteorClock is a widget that shows current time, up-to-date weather forecasts for your favourite places and boosts the appearance of your Homescreen – all for free!


  • get detailed weather forecasts from Yahoo! Weather for up to 5 locations at once (forecasts for Today and Tomorrow)
  • find your town of choice through name- or postal code search
  • beautiful custom backgrounds and high-resolution weather illustrations
  • lots of options: imperial or metric units, customizable update rate, background image, 12h and 24h time display
  • Offline Mode for users without data-plan
  • Support for lots of languages


MeteorClock supports lots of languages. Here is a list of all currently available languages with as the incredible work of noble contributers:

  • Traditional Chinese: Bill Chan
  • Polish: siano
  • French: Denis Decocq
  • Ukrainian, Russian: Dmitriy Moroz
  • Romanian: Adrian Paunescu
  • Turkish: Ali Yeteroglu
  • Italian: Damia
  • Spanish: Lechucks
  • Czech: ben1981
  • Hungarian: Schell Ferenc

Thanks guys!


Control zones are highlighted by the coloured rectangles - just tap them!

Control zones are highlighted by the coloured rectangles – just tap them!


Download and Install

  1. Just download the archive and unzip the .wgt widget file
  2. Copy MeteorClock.wgt to your Wave phone
  3. Execute the file from the Wave’s file explorer and agree to the installation

If you want to share this widget, please only link to this blog post and do not directly link the file. Do not distribute it elsewhere.

If you are now curious about my work, you should check out the NoteCraft widget for Bada.


How do I change my location?

Easy. You can change your location in the Location menu. To access the menu, you just need to tap into the upper left corner of the clock. You can see a detailed illustration of the tap areas in controls description.

Why is there no flip effect? This is boring.

I’m sorry to disappoint you. I didn’t include a flip effect, because I’d have to make custom graphics and coded effects all by myself. Unfortunately, I don’t have that much time on my hand on a feature which doesn’t add to the functionality of the program. Additionally, it’d probably blow the widget’s resource usage out of proportion. Nevertheless, I hope you still enjoy MeteorClock.

After the change of Daylight Saving Time (DST), the clock shows the wrong time.

Try to close and restart MeteorClock. At this point I’m not wholly sure where the reasons of this issue lie, but am investigating and plan to update as it is a pesky bug to reappear every half a year…


See all updates and changes in detail on the changelog page.