Automated ambient lighting

The project goal is to create an ambient lighting system to light up your room with the right colours and effects for your mood and occasion.

There are three major construction sites:

  1. a web app to interface the system right from your desktop or smartphone
  2. the lamp hardware with a controllable RGB high-power LED
  3. a server application running on a Raspberry Pi, providing interfaces and the logic behind everything

Web Application

Aurealis Web App

The web application provides a user interface to control all lights in the network. The application can run as a dedicated client that pulls information for the available lights from the base station server. The server is running on a Raspberry Pi and acts as a router in the device network.

Prototype Hardware

Aurealis PCB

The individual RGB lamps are planned to be controlled by Arduinos with nRF24L01+ transceivers for network communication. Software libraries, like FastLED and RF24, make building this hardware incredibly easy. A first version of the designed PCB was produced, awaiting assembly.

The channels of the RGB LED are driven by cheap yet effective flashlight LED drivers that still allow for pulse-width-modulation to control the colour output and brightness.