Opera 11 Beta staring new Features

My favorite web browser of choice is back again, heads up with its new Beta of Opera 11. It was just a matter of time that Opera Software showed up with an appropriate answer to Firefox 4 Beta and Google Chrome with intriguing features.

New Feature: Tab Stacking

A major addition to Opera 11 is, for an instance, the ‘tab stacking’ feature which allows the user to group tabs within the tabbar and to expand or minimize the group, a counter to Firefox’s ‘Panorama’  tab organizer addon. The new most wanted feature of Opera 11, though, will definitely be the Plugin System. It’s similar to Firefox well known addon system, and which many users missed in Opera. With the new ‘Extension support’ it’s now possible to create one’s own features and functions to extend the browser. Popular extensions like ad and script blockers are already out in the wild.

GMail Extension for Opera 11

What also looks very promising are the extended mouse gestures, new mail panel interface and improved HTML5 support! Let’s also see if the Opera Extension System can match the one of the fiery Fox! Strong community support mandatory here!

You can find a full summary and details on all new features of Opera 11 on the Opera Homepage.

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