Nokia App Contest with 10 million reasons

Just as Samsung, Nokia tries to push its surfacing mobile OS Symbian^3 with the North American developer contest Call All Innovators, that promises a total prize sum of $10 million in cash for Apps designed for Nokia’s latest N8 handset.

The impressive sum of $10 million (Samsung “only” offered $2.7 million) is achieved with Nokia’s mammoth operator partner AT&T. The contest started on 21st September, and developers have time until 28th January 2011 to create and submit their winning application with the Qt SDK.

Lets see if Nokia paid attention to previous contests, such as the bada Developer challenge, and knows to smoothen the waves beforehand. Lets wish every participant the best of luck, and perhaps we see one or two innovations? Follow up the links if you are hot for more information.

» Contest Homepage
» Nokia Official Blog
» Press Release

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