Internet Explorer 9 Beta

Just a few hours ago Microsoft released the Beta of Internet Explorer 9, and personally, I looked forward to this and am quite pleased with what I’ve seen so far. Microsoft finally got aware of the need to stop swimming against the tide with their own attempt of twisted standard implementations as can be remembered with monsters like IE6 – unfortunately still a dread to many webdesigners.

In a quick glance Microsoft succeeded to finally implement common standards into the new IE9, which other browsers such as Opera, Firefox and Chrome are already capable of for long. Internet Explorers can finally enjoy features like CSS3 and HTML5, CSS3 providing some rounded corners on this blog for example, and HTML5 as the hopeful webtechnology of the future with the possibility to render additional plugins like Adobe Flash obsolete.

The interface also got quite some restructuring. In my opinion a success compared to IE8, far less crowded taking the road of “keep it simple”. Microsoft also added a deeper integration of services such as bing or Windows Live and added a feature with an interesting resemblance to Opera’s speeddial.

And although I probably will stay loyal to my Opera, I’m glad to see Microsoft making a large step forward, improving web experience for all of us. Let’s just hope the walking dead corpses of IE6 will be buried soon some day.

You can check out the IE9 review on for more details on changes. Or download it directly from

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