NoteCraft – Changelog

version 3.0

  • complete overhaul
  • new design with colour choice
  • improved performance
  • new functionality: automatic sort, due time with visual notification

version 2.42

  • [Fix] NoteCraft didn’t localize to the system language
  • [Fix] checkmark for the submit button was too small
  • updated the Trial version to 2.42 as well

version 2.41

  • [Fix] now able to write an Ellipsis ‘…’ without it transformation into a line break
  • added colour picker to choose colour theme
  • made a compatible version for devices with 240×400 resolution

version 2.3

  • added Turkish language support (Thank you, Metin Sofuoglu)
  • keep descending priority order when sorting  by other attributes
  • added toggling of ascending and descending sorting
  • added option ‘Delete all completed tasks’
  • drastically simplified translation system, which will help to translate NoteCraft far more easier

version 2.1

  • fixed Russian plurals of Note
  • increased font-size for improved readability
  • duedate Today is now painted red for attention
  • Line-breaks can now be inserted by typing 2 full stops “..”, which are then replaced for a line-break
  • exchanged the Plus-sign in note edit view for a more beautiful checkmark

version 2.02

  • took out the task import feature as this caused enormous issues during certification
  • added Portuguese language support (Thanks Filipe Fleming)
  • [Bug] fixed the stucking scroll panel of the note list, NoteCraft now has a different shift animation between pages
  • widget width is slightly increased

version 2.0

  • Complete revamp of the whole application
  • new Interface with menus
  • added Priority, Due Date, Progess Status as note attributes
  • function to import tasks from the phone’s native task app
  • added Deletion Confirmation to avoid deleting notes on accident
  • added more languages: Polish, Spanish, Ukrainian, Russian, Italian
  • added work-around to allow line-breaks in text with a \n

version 1.11

  • [Bug] fixed display of German umlauts

version 1.1

  • added German language support
  • [Bug] fixed faulty note deletion

version 1.0

  • Release

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