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I wanted to work with Windows Phone for a very long time, and surprise! My first WP7 App ‘NoteCatalogue’ finally appeared in the Windows Phone Marketplace a few days ago!

As the name might already give away, NoteCatalogue is a note management application, similar to NoteCraft, a homescreen widget for Bada phones.

A ‘Nokia AppRevolution’ entry

Admittedly, NoteCatalogue is nothing much to show off yet as I had to rush its development by quite a bit. The sudden devotion to Windows Phone was woken by Nokia’s WP7 promotion event ‘AppRevolution’. It’s an event where students can submit their WP7 applications to qualify for winning an awesome Nokia Lumia 800.

Alpha Version

The catch was, that your applications had to utilize 4 Windows Phone 7 features, like Live Tiles, background processes, Bing Maps or location services. Since I was totally new to WP7 development, I had to study its APIs for quite some time. Little was left to give the app some polish. Because of that, the features of NoteCatalogue also seem a little cobbled together. I would still count into the alpha stage of development.

For example, you can tag your current location to a note – but I bet, many of you don’t happen to be at the place of action when you actually create that note. Complementary functionality would be to find a different location via address search or a maps control. As much as it hurt me to publish such a raw product, there simply wasn’t any time to improve on.

Thank god as well, they pushed the submission deadline back two times. NoteCatalogue failed the Marketplace certification twice but finally managed to appear in store on the second last day. Hurray!

You may try out NoteCatalogue if you are curious. It’s certainly not the best under the sun yet, but its quite usable. I’m working on some cool additions and missing features and hope to be able to push them out soon. Also, fingers crossed for the AppRevolution!

Find more info on the NoteCatalogue project page or just go straight to the app in the marketplace on your WP7 device:

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