new website design and all new layout!

I finally got my new blog theme to an adequate state which is worth to go live.

The new theme provides much more room and presents the content in a much more subtle way compared to the old clumsy one!

categories, tags – restructured

I also slightly reworked the content categories and tags. I kicked out weird and ambiguous categories and regrouped posts, so strolling through the categories is much more straight forward and intuitive. And have you noticed the new header already? Check out that top navigation! Right now it just contains the most basic pages but now also with a short summary of my project articles – I plan to extend it with more specialized content.

Finally added trackback support and more detailed post meta footer. In the future, I’ll implement better overviews of my projects and an improved support system, like a forum perhaps!

It’s still green, too! I love green.

html5 to come

By the way, a change you might not immediately be aware of is that I’m trying out a bit of html5. Just basic mark up for now, but you need to begin at least somewhere to start pushing the frontiers, don’t you? I’m trying to write the code as compliant to as many browsers as possible, but if you nevertheless experience any issues, just drop me a line!

What do you think about the new design? Like it or got suggestions?

[upgrade] Oh, phew! I don’t know if you noticed, but the transition to the new theme was a real mess.  The date didn’t display properly and the comment form was totally broken! Luckily I got everything fixed now…

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