CeBIT 2011

Been on my first CeBIT last Saturday and have to say, my impression is very… ambivalent!

Many parts of the exhibition were tailored for corporate customers, as an individual webdeveloper I didn’t really fit well into their target group.  I wasn’t really excited about the countless stalls from Shenzhen and co. inside the Planet Resell section, which simply tried to sell visitors the cheapest copyware from offshore.

Microsoft’s Booth Section: cool

Microsoft's Cloud Roof for its booth section

Despite all this, I took much delight at the huge Microsoft booth. A definite focus was laid on cloud technology here, and everywhere else. Microsoft offered presentations for consumers about WP7 and their software solutions. The best part, though, were the free msdn lectures aimed at developers. Unfortunately I was only able to listen to pieces of the lectures about Microsoft’s Azure Service for the cloud and XNA game developing for WP7.

After all, the total 6h train ride was still quite worth it. I know where to look for next time.

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