The Everyday Pain: Working with Samsung

Lately I have resumed the hard work on my projects like NoteCraft. I am implementing some fixes and additional features according to the feedback I received. But even today, after a total year of developing for bada, Samsung still manages to make my life as horrible as possible.

RTL – Rubbish Test Lab

I have no test device or proper software simulator to run my widget application. Every time I address this issue to Samsung, they refer me to their RTL, the Remote Test Lab. A site to download java clients which connect to remote phones in some desolate shed. Great in concept, a nightmare in reality. The Samsung Developer website (as well as the Seller Office, SamsungApps and any other Samsung-related site) are horrificly slow but this is just topped by the RTL application.

20min: Loading, loading, loading... still not finished!

I can reserve devices from 30min to 2h, for a total of 1.5h each day. I still need to consider the 20min loading time for the actual application to finally launch! I gave up yesterday after waiting that long. Today though, I managed to see the actual simulator! Ironically, I’m still greeted with a “Network error”, or an occasional “User authentication error”. All my reserve time gone, I don’t want to try anymore anyway…

Seller Office, Place of Unresponsiveness and Nonsense

Here as well, after one year of experience with it, the Seller Office is still a place of horror. It takes me ages to update an application. The loading between clicks is horribly slow. How can this be in this day and age?

I also found a nice screenshot I took of the certification reports of NoteCraft back earlier this year. Notice how the dialogue says “Your application has passed certification” or even “Congratulations on your success!” — and yet, on the right-hand side it reads Rejected. Well yeah, what the heck? The two identical View buttons don’t help it either.

Now that I recall, I think the other View Button opened the rejected-version of the dialogue for the same application, which actually passed. Ridiculous, isn’t it?

Just now, the application edit page wanted me to input a price for South Korea: “Please enter the price within range of [10,00 ~ 1].” — What kind of price ranges do they have in Korea??


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Hi, thanks for your work.
You may want to send some of your apps
the proves and I will tell if it is faulty
I have a gt s-8500 (wave 1)
I await your reply
thank you very much

Absolutely true!

RTL is a joke. Looks like its communicating with some servers setup on Mars! Even their certification process is idiotic. They are so strict for nothing.

Everything is so slow. Even their documentation sucks.. it contains spelling mistakes in English.

Your Mars Theory certainly has some valid points!
Samsung is admittedly making a little progress, but they still have such a long way to go. I don’t know if I’ll still be around by then!

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