Swype the bada

Recently it got unpleasantly silent around the Samsung Wave and the development of bada OS. The greater is the awesomeness over the statement of Brian Resnik, admin on the Swype Community Board giving hopes to Swype on the bada OS:

Due to the overwhelming demand, we are looking into the possibility of porting Swype to Bada OS. We’ll update you when we have more information.

Swype Text Input

Swype is a very potent and extremely quick text input application that renders the tiresome key tapping unnecessary. For text input you just trace all the needed letters within one single stroke over the touchscreen. I tested this on the Samsung Galaxy S9000 in a shop once and must admit that it is extremely fast and very easy to learn.

The inofficial announcement for a possible bada version of Swype also finally stirs up the deep seas of bada again and brings some motion into the feature scenes. Since April or so there haven’t been any updates for bada, although there is quite an amount of buggy casualties around and the Samsung Wave still lacks lots of its promised quality features such as a fully working “Social Hub” function, which ought to connect and integrate various Instant Messaging Services, Social Communities like Twitter and Facebook, Mail and Phonebook with and into each other.

With over 2500 votes by users, the cry for a bada version of Swype finally got heard and left the request for Android with just over 1800 votes far behind. And the Swype Team is not unimpressed by this:

Wow! Just…wow! You folks are incredible. I’ve brought this topic to the attention of our management team and they’ll be picking it up from here. While we’d like to make Swype available to everyone, there’s a lot that goes into porting Swype to a new software platform, so please be patient while we look at our options.

I’ll update you all as soon as I hear more about the future of Swype on Bada OS.

Let’s hope everything goes smooth so we can sooner or later enjoy swyping text not only on iOS or Android but also on bada phones with a dazzling swiftiness.

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