Samsung tweets bada 1.2 Release for January [Update] already next week?

Just an hour ago SamsungBada dropped info about the release date of bada 1.2 – at least fore Europeans. Bada 1.2 is to be expected soon, ‘this month’ to be precise.

The rest of the world and – who would’ve guessed! – as well as operator branded  phones will have to wait for their bada 1.2 goodness sometime in the first quarter of 2011.

An employee of the service support on the official bada forum seems to know a little more than Samsung is showing off on their Twitter account:

badateam@ / Jan, 13, 2011 11:40 Post : #1

Sorry for the late reply. 1.2 firmware update will be available in Samsung Kies within a week.


Considering that Samsung rarely gives such precise answers to questions, I would assume this to be legit information and we can hope for an update sooner than expected!

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