Samsung suspended NoteCraft Application [Update]

Today, Samsung suspended the NoteCraft application from SamsungApps. They sent me a very short email just stating the fact and giving the following reason:

Details : Status Change for Content Update(Batch)

Until now though, I’m still totally clueless about what that actually means. I don’t bode well Samsung’s behaviour of suspending paid applications with factually giving no useful information at all. I just inquired them about the exact details and when my application will be back.


As expected, there was no particular reason behind the suspension. The seller support only told me that NoteCraft would not be compatible with bada 2.0. I’m wondering though, why they haven’t suspended the NoteCraft Trial version as well, as it is almost identical to the full version. This seems to be just another unpleasent inconsistency in application review in SamsungApps.

Last week, I have already submitted a new version of NoteCraft (2.41)  to the Appstore. Yesterday I finally received confirmation of its successful certification process. So, it should soon be up for sale again.

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Hey! A new version of NoteCraft will be up in SamsungApps in the coming days. I updated this post accordingly. I will also make a post as soon as NoteCraft is really up for sale again in the Appstore.

Hi Matthias,
the new NoteCraft version only includes the changes I scheduled long before. I did not make any particular changes for bada 2.0 as even until now, I have no info on what requirements changed.

I haven’t received any user reports on problems concerning NoteCraft compatibility on bada 2.0. Also considering NoteCraft actually passed certification, I’m as confident into Samsung’s decision as you could possibly get.

Are you considering purchasing NoteCraft or are you already using it?

Yes I’ve been using it for quite some time and loved the way everything worked very smooth and quick with bada 1.2. But now with 2.0 the smoothness is gone and it is laggy and slow and the settings don’t work anymore. The widget is also not anymore in the center of the screen but at left edge. Samsung probably screwed up at this point because i’ve seen similiar problems with other widgets (Galaxy weather clock, Meteor Clock) and I’m running the S8500XXLA1 firmware which I think is in some countries already available via Kies. I’dont think that there will be any changes in bada 2.0 for germany so hopefully you can improve things.

Thanks a lot for this information Matthias. Right now, I don’t have any bada device myself I could test the applications on. And the development tools are a laugh. So it is getting extremely difficult for me to work with widgets on bada.

I’m still trying to find some actual information on the widget changes for bada 2.0, but until now, all my inquiries have been ignored. I have to say that I don’t know how long I can keep up developing and supporting my widgets for bada.

If I could ask you for a favour, could you send me a screenshot of NoteCraft on your homescreen of your bada 2.0 device? Then I can at least measure and work with a little bit to try to fix the positioning issue you mentioned.

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