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NoteCraft Language Bug to be solved soon [Update #2]

I received several inquiries about a bug in the most recent NoteCraft version 2.42 2.41, where the application language no longer localizes to the system language. This means, NoteCraft stays in English, no matter what. I found the issue and fixed it. Right as I speak, I’m sending an update to SamsungApps. It will take another week to be certified. I’d like to ask for your patience. My apologies for this mess-up.

Also, I haven’t been really responsive in the last couple of days, sorry for that. Right now, I’m traveling through all Taiwan. Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, Hualien and next week Singapore. Great places.


NoteCraft 2.42, which fixes the language issue, recently passed certification. That means it’s soon available for download in SamsungApps!

Update #2

The update is finally available for download in SamsungApps. You can update now!

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