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NoteCraft 2.3 Update

If you haven’t noticed already, this week an update for NoteCraft sneaked into SamsungApps. Version 2.3 brings some enhancements and extended functionality, below is the link to SamsungApps and the changelog. The NoteCraft Trial version is also updated to 2.3.

» Get NoteCraft 2.3

version 2.3

  • added Turkish language support (Thank you, Metin Sofuoglu)
  • keep descending priority order when sorting  by other attributes
  • added toggling of ascending and descending sorting
  • added option ‘Delete all completed tasks’
  • drastically simplified translation system, which will help to translate NoteCraft far more easier

6 replies on “NoteCraft 2.3 Update”

Jörn, hi!

What about two comma instead of two dots (for ability to use three dots in notes)?
What’s about today’s date into the top bar? Highly needed.

I’m sorry that I couldn’t realize your suggestions yet. I tried to tackle the task for allowing the input of 2 dots but my skills with Regular Expressions – with which a pattern is created to find and replace occurrences of two dots – are obviously quite miserable.

Though! I just tried some new pattern right now and in my RegEx simulator it does look promising. The only major issue right now is that it won’t work in the widget somehow. I will try to invest some time on this and will inform you on any news there is!

I have a problem with the aplication. When I put a large date for example 30 december the okay button desapears and I can’t validate the note.
I hope you can givw me a solution.

Hello Susanna, I can’t reproduce the problem in my simulator. Could you give me a few details on the issue?
1. What language do you use NoteCraft in?
2. What exactly do you mean with “large date”? Do you speak of the term length (compared to a short date like 1. July)? Is it expanding to a second line of text and thus pushing the buttons off screen?

What would really help me in solving this issue is a screenshot or photo of the screen, showing the display bug. If you could send me one, that would be stupendous. Regards!

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