NoteCraft 2.1 in the stores


A new version of NoteCraft hit the SamsungApps shelfs this week!

Once again, it took awfully long to get it certified as it’s being rejected for ridiculous reasons I’m unable to influence. After a stern message and no changes done, it was finally certified on Thursday.

» Download the new NoteCraft 2.1

Version 2.1 stars lots of improvements based on your suggestions! Thanks for your engagement and great ideas. Here is the full changelog:

version 2.1

  • fixed Russian plurals of Note
  • increased font-size for improved readability
  • duedate Today is now painted red for attention
  • Line-breaks can now be inserted by typing 2 full stops “..”, which are then replaced for a line-break
  • exchanged the Plus-sign in note edit view for a more beautiful checkmark


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