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No, the NoteCraft 2.42 Update still does NOT solve the issue

Bad news for everyone: the latest update 2.42 of NoteCraft does not fix the language bug. I wrongly deemed the bug fixed in the last update because I found one faulty piece of code. It turns out there were 2 and I overlooked the second.

It is because of Samsung’s inability to provide proper tools for widget development. The phone simulator I run tests on is just a Google Chrome browser window. I cannot set any options, including the device language. Ends up, I’m developing totally blind in several aspects. Of course this is no excuse, as it is also to an extent, my own personal failure. I’ve been travelling around in Asia for the past few weeks and do not have much spare time. I hastened the submission of an updated version and forgone thorough review of the code and bug testing.

I submitted another version (again). NoteCraft 2.43 does fix the language issue. I ran tests with the awfully slow and buggy Samsung Remote Test Lab. Now, I can say, NoteCraft 2.43 is fixing the issue for sure!

Again, I apologies for this. In 8 days I will return to my home country Germany, and will have some more time. By then I will draw consequences and implement a more thorough and systematic testing scheme.


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Jörn, many thanks for Ellipsis ‘…’ ))
But it’s not enough for full happiness. As for me, an information about a current date is more useful than a quantity of notes. And for you?

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