“Free App Certification” Period for Samsung’s Appstore extended

I just received an email from Samsung’s Appstore Seller Office with a quite delightful piece of information: the promotional period with free app testing is being extended to June 2011.

Here is the official email:

The free certification promotion period is extended

Dear seller,

Greetings from Seller Office!
Thank you for using Samsung Apps and Seller Office.

Samsung Apps extended the free application certification promotion period to June 2011. We hope that this event will be the opportunity for all sellers to improve their business and create more income. We invite you all to take the advantage of it.

We ask for you continued support. Seller Office always strives to work for you.
Thank you.

Samsung Apps Seller Office Team

Not only is the dreaded event postponed that Samsung will charge an enormous fee of 29$ for each App Certification and for each Phone Model tested on (rejections are paid as well). Hopefully this will give Samsung enough time to overthink its business model, and possibly change their certification team. It hasn’t proved quite as competent as one would have wished for regarding many issued arbitrary and incomprehensible app rejections.

Personally, I highly welcome this move as well. I tried to rush my Commercial Seller Request to the end of this year, so I could still add some programs within the Free Promotion Period. Certification proved tedious, though. The Seller Support is picky about financial documents and rejected mine thrice with shady reasons. At the same time failed to tell me what was actually wrong and what to explicitly change.

After my third run to my bank I got me a  custom manufactured document even the Samsung Support had to understand. Lo’ and Behold! I am a Seller today!

Now I don’t have to sink into work around Christmas to make my software ready for  approval. Again, good move Samsung.

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